What’s Cooking America is one of the original culinary websites first published in 1997 based on two cookbooks from author Linda Stradley; “What’s Cooking America and “I’ll Have What They’re having”.

What’s Cooking America is a privately owned family-friendly culinary portal with millions of users visiting us annually for recipes, culinary articles, and cooking tips. Our articles and culinary history have appeared in newspapers, magazines, television, and on websites worldwide. (See our feature listing below)

Our website is not about American food, necessarily, but rather what we as Americans are cooking and eating.

Linda says,“I have always had a fascination with history. When you put this together with a love of good food, you have a culinary historian. The research of the origins of foods of America and beyond have become an obsession that I enjoy sharing with my readers. This culinary history is what sets What’s Cooking America apart from other recipe websites. We give you the culinary history so you know more about the food you love to eat.”

What's Cooking America


一个bout Linda Stradley:琳达和她的丈夫住在俄勒冈州,是三个生长的孩子和祖母的母亲。琳达说,“我一直对历史迷恋。当你与美食的热爱一起时,你有一个烹饪历史学家。美国食品起源的研究已经成为我喜欢与读者分享的痴迷。这种烹饪历史是将烹饪美国与其他食谱网站相结合的内容。yabo88我们给你烹饪历史,所以你更多地了解你喜欢吃的食物。“

关于Nancy Hartman:Nancy lives in Oregon with her family and works for a local non-profit specializing in database management and professional research. In 2013, Nancy has picked up marketing research, video production, and recipe writing. She has also been leading the platform transition coordination as What’s Cooking America begins its quiet behind the scenes make-over.

关于Brenda Weller:Brenda also lives in Oregon with her family. She is a busy mother of two young children and works for a global software security company. Brenda shares a passion for cooking with her Mom, Linda, and has contributed several of her favorite recipes to the What’s Cooking America website through the years. Since 2013, Brenda has managed the social marketing for What’s Cooking America, and contributed several new recipes, food history research, and food photography.


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犹他州,2015年8月 -在我们的戳碗解剖学中了解更多关于夏威夷美味的更多信息

Houston Press, May 2016 –本周的盘子:蒙特克里斯托

每周博尔德, September 2016 –一个Classic Cookie With a Silly Name

Dallas Observer, November 2016 –No, Chili’s, You Did Not Invent the Fajita


国际商业时报,2016年11月#3 -如何制作一个感恩节肋骨:最佳食谱,厨师时报,提示和成分

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达拉斯新闻Did You Know? German Chocolate Cake is Not Actually German, It’s Texan.

Care2.com, September 2018 #5 –保护和享受本土草药的方法

文化作弊书, October 2018 –用这6个奇妙的蛋白甜点治愈你的甜蜜渴望

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Vox, November 2018 –Canned Cranberry Sauce, Explained

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Culver City News, December 2018 –Mykonos希腊格栅的地中海的口味

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November 11, 2019 –National Sundae Day 2019 Recipes and Deals from Dairy Queen, Blue Bunny and more.

Tribune Star,November 17, 2019 –Mike Lunsford: It’s time for chili when it gets chilly

The New Yorker, May 18, 2020 –Tamar Adler: Sourdough Starter for the Baking Skeptic

USA Today 10 Best, May 20, 2020 –Jelisa Castrodale: You Need to Try These Deliciously Different Regional Burgers

小溪犬, June 28, 2020 – Heather Reid:所有夏季水果的8个简单的鞋带食谱

What’s Cooking America is a copyrighted website and an Oregon Corporation (LLC), wholly owned by Linda Stradley.



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    I like learning more about how to cook and make goodies for my boy’s

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    I Love Cooking, Baking, and Canning. I am now Decorating Cookies and Learning a lot of new things. Love your site, and hope to try a lot of your Offerings.

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    I’m new to What’s cooking..
    But I know I’m going to enjoy it! I found so many recipes I have been trying to get from family & friends. Love the tips for success also! Really helpful!

  5. 格雷格斯图尔特

    I need a substitution for rum as a flavoring in an eggnog recipe. I realize I can use a rum extract or a juice such as pineapple with almond extract added like you mentioned in your article about substitutions for alcoholic beverages in cooking, but you didn’t list an amount of almond extract to use. Also, what would be an appropriate amount of rum extract as a substitute for per ounce of rum. Thank you

  6. Linda K Davenport

    So delighted to have met you Linda, and so excited about your website…did not know about this, but just so perfect for me and my love of cooking and related interests, and so relevant for many friends of mine, who I think would love to access this website and what you share. Hope we can chat further re ideas and friendship etc.! Thanks!! Linda

    P.S.酸奶很棒 - 我的丈夫非常高兴(所以当然,我也是,哈哈!)

  7. Maudie Briggs

    Can I deep fry in my pressure cooker?

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    Is there any way to contact you ladies?

    • Linda Stradley

      Yes, go to the bottom of this web page and click the “Contact Us.” – Linda Stradley

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    What do we know about use of molasses in colonial New Netherlands baking?

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    • Linda Stradley

      I’m sorry, but they do not exist anymore. Too many newspapers have stop have food sections.

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      Sheri, not sure what the issue was but I found you on the e-mail list. You are all set! – Nancy

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    谢谢你。期待收到伟大的提示和食谱。多年来制造了Craven County Pickles!

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    Hi, do you also have a secret recipe when in grilling steak? Does it have to do with the spices or the temperature? Do you use the oven or a grilling pot or something? I would really love to learn much from this blog though.