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在曼哈顿的上东侧藏起来坐落在洛厄尔酒店的Pembroke room的NYC中最好的下午茶的隐藏珠宝盒。亚慱足球网址多少yabo体育vip

Lowell Hotel-Pembroke房间的下午茶亚慱足球网址多少yabo体育vip

The Lowell Hotel由Henry Stern Churchill(1893-1962)设计,于1925年至1926年间建于Leo Wise。其艺术装饰/现代立面是砖块和玻璃貂皮陶器的杰出设计。

Owner and Design Director Dina DeLuca Charouni, along with her team, the London based architect Mark Pinney (Harrods) and designer Michael Smith (The White House), in 1984, restored every nook to luxurious perfection.

Known for its discreet service, under the watchful eyes of Heiko Kuenstle, GM and Eric Dupaix, Director of Operations, whether decorated for the holidays or in full bloom on a beautiful spring day, The Lowell specializes in understated elegance. Elite film industry executives and CEOs from the major fashion design houses; publishing and financial worlds are regular patrons.



Glass of champagne In a serene setting on the second floor of The Lowell,The Pembroke Room, serves as the ideal backdrop for Executive Chef,Michael Fred’slegendary afternoon teas. All are regally presented with aristocratic ambiance on hand-painted Washington Pickard china, one of America’s finest china companies.

Using only the absolute freshest seasonal and regional ingredients available, Chef Fred embodies a quintessential European sensibility to combine classic American cuisine with an Asian–European inspired technique.

The management holds steadfast to a traditional English tea menu that changes several times a year but often with a non-traditional twist. Do not be alarmed if you find your cucumber savory on grain bread instead of the palette cleansing white with mint. A selection of properly sized scones served warmed and passed by the wait staff, includes Chef’s very own strawberry preserves. So scrumptious in fact, discerning diners – both Lowell Hotel guests and area residents alike – often ask for a sampling of Chef’s preserves to take home as a reminder.



Each sweet and pastry is finely crafted to enhance the experience of the guest.

Heiko Kuenstle和Eric Dupaix在洛厄尔酒店
Heiko Kuenstle和Eric Dupaix在洛厄尔酒店


在洛厄尔的赞助人酒店了thirty-five years, in addition to the regular afternoon teas and theme teas, I have given-as well as recommended others for private tea parties. I have found for the most part the management to be receptive to my tea etiquette and menu suggestions. I have yet to be disappointed with the results.


Consistently ranked among the top luxury hotels of the world, The Lowell, New York is centrally located on 28 East 63rd Street between Madison and Park Avenues in Manhattan, just steps from the city’s world-class museums and designer boutiques. It offers 47 suites and 25 deluxe rooms, all of which are uniquely decorated with exquisite antique furnishings. Many of the guest rooms, including the recently renovated Penthouse Suite, Garden Suite, and Lowell Suites, feature private terraces as well as wood-burning fireplaces. Afternoon Tea is served Wednesday through Sunday from 2 PM to 6 PM. Reservations strongly suggested. Gluten-free and vegetarian selections are available with advance notice on request.

Understanding Tea Time Service
Tea Etiquette Faux Pas and Other Misconceptions About Afternoon

Afternoon Tea at The Lowell Hotel, Pembroke Room with What’s Cooking America


Ellen Easton
yabo体育vip亚慱足球网址多少下午茶专家,纽约曼哈顿的Ellen Easton

Lowell hotel entrance We were looking forward to meeting with What’s Cooking America Columnist, Ellen Easton for tea in thePembroke RoomThe Lowell Hotel。Ellen has been a Tea Travel columnist for us for over 10 years and our first time meeting her in person and sharing an afternoon tea.

The Lowell is a quaint boutique hotel that is warm and luxurious hidden by a modest entry from the street. You would not know from the outside what a gem lies within until you step through the door.

We were greeted in the lobby by the Director of Operations of The Lowell, Eric Dupaix. He walked us through lovely parlors, library, and sitting rooms, each with their own working fireplace. Guests of The Lowell can easily find a respite from the busy city while staying there. A lovely restaurant is hidden within the walls of The Lowell, the马弗雷。他们serve a French/Moroccan cuisine in a colorful dining room, with bursting bouquets of fresh flower arrangements and a miraculous illumination of bright natural light flooding through the dining areas.

Mr. Dupaix escorted us to the stairway that took us to the second floor when our tea time approached where we ascended to thePembroke Room。通过大型法国人进入,到俯瞰欧洲风格的茶处沙龙的可爱角桌,装饰着圣诞装饰和新鲜的绿色植物。桌子全部设定,抛光银和假日颜色向我们展示了一个完美的下午茶经验。亚慱足球网址多少yabo体育vip

Pembroke Rooyabo体育vip亚慱足球网址多少m的经典下午茶有一个咸味的季节性英语茶三明治选择,包括薄切片的黄瓜和莳萝,轻轻摇篮三文鱼和鱼子酱,一个副鸡蛋沙拉三明治冠上了一片硬煮鸡蛋,土耳其与芝麻菜,以及一只娇小的老湾龙虾卷。

The tray of sweet delights was displayed with, small pecan tarts, squares of deep red velvet cake, a seasonal macaron, carrot cake, and a crunchy chocolate mousse. Scones were served fresh from a basket by the waiter with Devonshire cream, lemon curd, strawberry preserves, and orange marmalade.

The tea menu had quite a variety of teas to choose from their “Grand Cru Teas” of a premium Darjeeling, a Himalayan 1英石Flush, and a Assam Donyipolo我们还发现了一种经典的黑人,绿色和特色度假选择和水果茶输液的旋律,这听起来太好了,不能尝试。好消息,你可以在你的第一个锅里改变茶,另一份混合尝试。





Seasonal English Tea Sandwiches
Homemade traditional scones

A Twist on our Traditional Afternoon Tea with an additional Tasting of Whiskey or Port

In addition to the Classic Pembroke Tea & Champagne:
Caviar is served with Toast Points, Blinis, Crème Fraiche, & Assorted Garnishes

Tea Selection Menu:

PREMIUM DARJEELING TEA S.F.T.G.F.O.P. Called “the champagne of teas,” Darjeeling by Dammann Tea is a classic black tea with a light body, smooth taste and lively aroma. Typically grown in West Bengal, India this tea is steeped in history. The initials stand for Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, which is not a type of tea but a system for grading the size of tea leaves.
HIMALAYAN 1ST FLUSH G.F.O.P. An exceptional tea produced by a plantation situated at the height of 1800m near the Eastern border of Nepal. A nuanced tea presenting rich aromas and delicate flavors
ASSAM DONYIPOLO Harvested in the province of Arunchal Pradesh of North Assam, this black tea offers a unique balance of aromatic richness without bitterness or astringency with notes of licorice and cocoa

EARL GREY– A simple blend of China teas with fine bergamot from Calabria.
ENGLISH BREAKFAST – Blend of Ceylon, Darjeeling and Assam teas.
LAPSANG SOUCHONG – This pungent smoky flavor is a classic.
VANILLE- Blend of Ceylon and China teas embellished with vanilla cuts and flower petals.
FOUR FRUITS ROUGES – Blend of ‘four red fruits’ combined with smoked Ceylon and China Black Teas. Cherry, strawberry, raspberry and red currant lend a fruity flavor
JARDIN BLEU- Blend of black teas sourced from Ceylon and China, flavored with rhubarb, wild strawberry, and cornflower’s petals to lend a fruity note to the infusion
Étoiledudésert - 含有辣姜味的红茶,由玫瑰迷人的香味突出显示

普通话茉莉 - 一种富含茉莉花的绿色和强烈香水茉莉花茶。
L’ORIENTAL – Blended with passion fruit, bush peach and wild strawberry flavors, flower petals deliver a highly fragrant cup.
GENMAI CHA - Bancha绿茶的混合物,roasted rice and puffed rice with hints of green, maritime cereals
THE VERT MENTHE – Blend of Chinese Gunpowder green tea with Moroccan mint.
NUIT A VERSAILLES – Bergamot essential oil, kiwi, yellow peach, orange blossom and violet blossom flavors are infused in this Green Tea to evoke the flowering gardens of Versailles

CHAMOMILE FLOWERS – Herbal infusion of golden chamomile blossoms
LEMON VERBENA – Lemongrass, lime and mint and orange blossom.
Rooibos柑橘 - 柠檬,柑橘和血液橙,萝卜味,橙皮和向日葵。
Menthe Poivree - 草本植物,薄荷在夏天收获之前是花之前

When visiting New York City, be sure to visit the Lowell Hotel, and book an afternoon tea in the Pembroke Room.

Pembroke房间下午茶亚慱足球网址多少yabo体育vipHours:Wednesday – Sunday 2:00PM-5:30PM
28 East Sixty-Third Street, New York, NY 10065

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