New York Strip Loin Steak Names

Questions and Answers – New York Strip Loin Steak Names Question: What other name is “New York Strip loin” known? – Robi Answer: The New York …Continued

Food Molds

Food Molds – Are Molds Dangerous

What Are Food Molds – Are Molds Dangerous? Some of the following information is from the United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). Photo courtesy …Continued

Liquid Pectin vs Powdered Pectin

What is Pectin?

What is Pectin – It is a natural carbohydrate found in skin, core, and seeds of fruits that enables fruit juice to set up and form a gel. Commercially, it is made …Continued

Pickled Ginger Recipe

Pickled Ginger Root Recipe Question: I have been trying to find a recipe for making pickled ginger root as I am not able to purchase it in any grocery …Continued

Pickling Spices

Pickling Spice Recipe

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Baking a Pecan Pie

Baking a Pecan Pie

Questions and Answers – Baking a Pecan Pie Question: Sometimes my pecan pie “sets” and other times it comes very “runny.” I use the same recipe, same oven, and …Continued

Pique Seasoning

Questions and Answers – Pique Seasoning Question: I have a copy of The Gold Cook Book by Louis P. DeGouy and am reading it through. It has a lot …Continued

Pound Cake

How To Bake Pound Cake

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Portabella Mushrooms Nutritional Data

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Saloioi Bread

Questions and Answers – What Is Saloioi Bread? Question: I recently purchased a loaf of bread in a supermarket that was labeled Saloioi Bread. It was composed of two …Continued

Lemon Grass

Question: Do you have any ideas or any recipes for use with lemon grass? I have eaten lemon grass in a Thai restaurant before and love its subtle lemony …Continued

Perfect Risotto

How To Make Perfect Risotto

Risotto Hints and Tips – Risotto Etiquette – How To Make Risotto Ahead of Time Risotto is the classic rice dish of Northern Italy. In Italy, risotto, like pasta, is considered the …Continued

Cooking Snow Peas

Cooking Snow Peas

Questions and Answers – Snow Pea, Chinese Pea Pod, Sugar Peas Question: How should snow peas be cooked? Thanks. Answer: The Oriental edible pod pea or Chinese Pod …Continued

Dehydrated Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Questions and Answers – How to re-dehydrate sun-dried tomatoes Question: I have looked all over for this information. I bought dehydrated sun-dried tomatoes. I am making a recipe tonight …Continued

Travels in Olvera

Food Travels in Olivera and Antequera Spain – Part 7

Travels in Olvera and Antequera, Spain – Part 7 By Nancy Hartman of What’s Cooking America Destino – Olvera, Spain: Route of the Pueble Blanco (White Villages): …Continued