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By Lea Schneider, Professional Organizer

Lea Schneider. Author Lea Schneider, a columnist for What’s Cooking America, is a freelance writer and organizational expert whose organizing ideas have been published in many magazines including Woman’s Day, Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath Ideas, Family Circle, Parents Magazine, as well as numerous newspapers and websites. She is also a member of the Association of Food Journalists.

组织是关于生活更简单,让事情变得更加容易。奖金通常会导致省钱。Lea Schneider的厨房组织列告诉您如何组织与厨房,菜单,膳食和特殊食物活动相关的许多东西。


Welcome to this series on organizing a kitchen remodel. If you dream of changing your kitchen, follow along on my remodel journey that is nearing completion:

I might just be looking more for sympathy than sharing tips. I’ve acquired a kitchen that needs a bit of updating. No, that is not true. The truth is that I’ve acquired a kitchen that needs to start over. I imagine that back in 1953, this was quite the modern kitchen – but not so much today. With outdated appliances, cabinets, antiquated ventilation, no disposal, limited storage, and old laminate counter tops – I wondered where in the world I start.

Laundry Room Cuisine – Kitchen Remodeling
If you are wondering how you will get by when you tackle your kitchen renovation, I am happy to share a few tips with you. It is possible to eat delicious, homemade food with a few counter top appliances.

Bringing Kitchen Remodeling Dreams to Life:

Before – 1953 Kitchen After – New Kitchen

Where to Start – Part 1:
重塑开始于决定。The easy part, of choosing your new kitchen is picking the beautiful items, from the wood of the cabinets to counter tops, back splashes and lighting fixtures, and that so called easy part is quite difficult. The hardest part of your kitchen remodel is deciding what will go where. Before you head out to look at granite or brush your hand across shiny stainless steel appliances, put pen to paper to figure out what your kitchen really needs.

Conquering Cabinet Choices – Part 2:
可能是厨房的最少可变的功能是橱柜。您可以安装新的楼层或后溅 - 但它绕过那些现有的机柜。你可以在橱柜里再次涂漆,或悬挂新的灯具,但在橱柜上。无论您的厨房改造小还是大;橱柜必须是前线和中央决策。橱柜的成本可能会在任何重塑中重量。根据HGTV.com的说法,预计您的内阁占任何重建费用的35%。

Sixty-Year Transformation – Part 3:
The actual work on the 1953 kitchen renovation only felt like 60 years to me.You can imagine how time stretched out when you think of the fun it must be to do dishes while hunched over your bathtub! In reality, the kitchen renovation took 16 weeks and that included the first 2 to 3 weeks that were spent going back and forth with an architect and visiting vendors who supply everything from appliances to granite to glass. It also included the last 2 weeks, where we could use the kitchen but were waiting on back splash tile stuck in the horrible winter blizzards of 2014. So, all in all, the painful portion took 11 weeks, which I am told is amazing timing by others who have had major renovations done. Not only that, we had Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays where workers, and us, took off from our duties, as we were the paint crew. All in all, our contractors were amazing!


Organizing to Entertain Al Fresco
Entertaining al fresco, which means out in the open, is a great way to enjoy the later part of summer. Besides firing up the grill, if you organize a few other things, everyone will have a blast.

Organizing A Self-Serve Bar

Storing Fine China – Store Your Fine China for Ease of Use
If setting the Thanksgiving table was just too much trouble – or if you were relieved that you didn’t have to drag out your good dishes – maybe your storage needs tweaking.

Storing Table LinensOrganizing Linens Takes the Wrinkle out of Entertaining

Organizing for Instant Entertaining

As pretty as silver is, talking about it elicits sighs because somewhere you’ve got sometarnishlurking about. Here are some ideas for organizing silver to make life easier.

Kitchen Organizing Ideas:

Change your kitchen along with your hair color
Change your kitchen organization to match the way you live now.

Dealing with Kitchen Downsizing – How To Downsize and Organize Your Kitchen

Desperate for Cluttered Kitchen Help
My friend’s cabinets are so jammed with things that I do not even know where to begin and how to get her organized. I am clueless for ideas on where to start in for her kitchen.

You’ve probably heard the adage that you should use “right tool for the job.” You might wonder what that has to do with being organized and the answer is a lot. Plenty of time is wasted and injuries occur when you fumble around trying to make do.

Here are some tips to make the best of that too-small feeling kitchen.

Keeping your resolution to get organized
Keeping your resolution about getting organized is possible. Learn how here.


Organizing on a Dime – Creating Order in Your Kitchen is Priceless
Push me in the general direction of an everything-in-here-costs-a-dollar type store and I am happy. It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to get organized. Just a dollar!

Ten next great kitchen organizing tips
Get organizing with this simple method. Learn about the “next-to rule.”


Cleaning Up Clutter Under the Sink

Hard-to-use Lower Cabinets – Get ideas for maximizing your space

Ideas for organizing snacks – Stop wasting dollars on stale snacks
Check out these tips to maximize your snack dollars.

Where’s the wasted space in your crowded kitchen? I bet it is behind that door! Check out how to make good use of unused space on the kitchen doors.

Out of Room in the Kitchen – Think Out-Of-The-Kitchen for Storage
你拉出来,重新安排,把它们back in, and you just can’t make everything you want fit in that kitchen. What to do with your too-much-stuff!

Plastic Containers – Those Lids Without Tubs!
Storing and organizing lids and plastic tubs seems to be the frustration of many cooks. No matter how often you match them up, something seems to go awry!

It’s easy to update older cabinets with the addition of drawers.

Small Appliances May Make a Large Mess – Small Appliance Storage
Organizing the small appliances, their attachments, and directions can help you enjoy them rather than be frustrated with parts scattered here and there.

The junk drawer holds everything but junk
An organized junk drawer is worth its weight! Organize the things you need.

Under the Stove Drawer is Over the Top in Space
You may have a large drawer in your kitchen that you either have forgotten about or just haven’t utilized well. You’ll find it under the stove.

Learn ideas for those hard-to-organize and unusually shaped necessities.

Pantry Ideas:

Avoiding Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard
Stop reaching into the cupboard or pantry and coming up empty handed.

New Year’s resolutions should start in the pantry

Pantry Organizations – Managing Your Extra Staples

储藏室组织 - 客人
No matter if you are a seasoned chef or starting your first apartment, it is great to have a checklist for staple items you should have on hand.

Organize an Emergency Food Pantry:

Get Organized Today for an Emergency Tomorrow – Emergency Food Pantry
Don’t wait for disaster! Organize your pantry for an emergency.

Organizing Food in Fridge and Freezer:

与你的新鲜生菜——使用塑料袋出人头地and green bags

Make the most of your food by making the most of your leftovers.

Organize the Fridge and Freezer for Safety and Savings

Organize Herbs and Spices:

Some spicy ideas
Great ways to organize your spice cabinet.

You couldn’t possibly be outdated. Could you?
You don’t have 15-year-old spice – or do you? Check it out here.


A Strategy for Battling Your Grocery Budget
Here are some tricks to help you save money on your grocery budget.

Learn how to organize those coupons you always meant to use.

Farmer’s Markets – Making the Most of Your Farmers’ Market
Heading out to the farm market can be a bit intimidating if you are used to only shopping at the grocery store. A bit of organization on your part can help you really enjoy the experience.

Online Grocery Shopping – Local Grocery Shopping Online

Organize my hunger pain
Walk in circles in the grocery store? Learn how to organize your shopping trips.

Organizing for savings
Put organizational skills to work to stretch those grocery shopping dollars.

Kitchen Time Management:

Cool Cooking Tips for Too-Hot-to-Cook Days
When you are looking for ways to cool off on hot days, I know you turn right to organizing. While you might think that is crazy, there are some great organizing ideas that can help you cool off in the kitchen or at meal times.

For dinner tonight – A plan!

Is cooking dinner at your house like juggling eggs?
Do you keep moving clutter from here to there? How to focus and finish.

Mise en Place – Begin Cooking with Mise en Place
A cooking time saver – and stress reliever – by lining up your cooking.

No Mess Cooking – A Neat Idea
Of course, if it impossible to end up with a fairly clean kitchen if you start cooking in amessy one. You’re just adding mess to mess and it piles higher. So, sad but true, you have to clean up to clean up (even if it isn’t your mess!)

Six Mistakes Keeping You Disorganized

Organize Recipes and Menus:

A bride’s recipe for disorganization
Organize recipes from the printer – from magazines and from Mom.

Conquering menu madness

Cooking for two – A baker’s dozen of tips
Your really can cook for two and find variety.

For dinner tonight – A plan!

How to Manage Five Easy Nights of Family Meals

Recipe for Organizing Cookbooks
Cookbooks become both a resource and an old friend. If you have a cookbook collection, as I do, you probably could use a few ideas for organizing them and finding recipes.


Going green can sometimes mean going crazy
Learn to organize your kitchen to handle recycling without making clutter.

Keeping A Clear Out The Clutter Promise
Promising to clear out the clutter is a common New Year’s resolution. In fact, getting organized is one of the top New Year’s resolutions.

Paperwork’s anything but a laughing matter
Papers piling up on your kitchen countertop? Learn how to corral those.

Spring Cleaning – Spring into a Clean Kitchen
There are no oil lamps or coal furnace at my house but the kitchen could use a spring cleaning. You may wonder if I’ve fallen off the logic train with that comment. However, there is certainly a connection.

Four Steps to an Organized Clean
Make a clean break with kitchen grime with an organized cleaning routine.

Got a minute? Ten minutes, one hour and more kitchen organizing ideas
You can get something done no matter how much or how little time you have.

Kids in the Kitchen:


创建儿童友好的厨房2(Tips for working with kids in the kitchen)
There tips will help you work with your kids in the kitchen – without going crazy!

Nine more months of lunch packing
Nine months of lunches are easier with a bit of lunch-packing help.

Organization of School Day Breakfast Menus
Try some new techniques to make breakfast smoother and less stressful.

Organize Special Events:

Book Club and Dinner Just Go Together
If you are sitting around and chatting, you’ll soon want to be sipping and nibbling. Books provide lots of opportunities for inspiration and creativity.

Family Reunions – Organizing Family Reunion Meals
Check out these steps that walk you through planning family reunion meals.

Go Team! Get Organized for a Tailgate Party
Tailgating is fun when someone has organized for the event. It can be a lot of fun and it doesn’t have to be a lot of work.

Hot Tips for Organizing Grilling
Getting barbecue supplies organized helps keep the fun in grilling out.

Organizing your buffet supper – Planning ahead creates a great gathering

Perfectly planned picnics
Making picnicking easier. See our checklist to keep in your picnic basket.

Hosting a dinner party begins with a spark of an idea. This kicks off the excitement for any entertaining occasion. The idea could be as simple as celebrating a Friday night with a relaxing weekend ahead, or it could be a return favor, such as having the boss to dinner. But no matter how exciting the idea, the next step is putting a pen to paper.

Semi-Homemade Baby Shower is Fun for Hostess and Guests
Have you heard of cooking that is semi-homemade? That’s a great concept. You can indeed pull-off a party with some homemade foods and some others that are semi-homemade- which means you have added to some prepared things to make them special. So, don’t panic about this menu because it is mostly semi-homemade. It was organized to fit the shower into a busy work week.

Christmas and Thanksgiving Helpers:


Big Meal Doesn’t Have To Equal Big Mess
Organizing for Clean-Up Makes for an Easier Holiday

Christmas kitchen secrets of the organized

Beautiful table settings or tablescapes, which combines the words table + landscape, begins with a bit of organization. Organization and creativity go hand-in-hand. Nearly every creative project begins with some kind of planning, organizing or gathering. A beautiful holiday table is no different.

Paper or plastic for holiday organization?
Holidays mean more recipes and groceries! Turn the kitchen chaos into calm

Prepare for the Holidays – Head Back to Basics in Organizing
With the holidays fast approaching, you could probably use a little help in making your kitchen tidy and getting it organized. Getting organized in the kitchen means getting down to the basics.

Kitchens are a company magnet. Make yours welcoming with these steps.

Thanksgiving Organizer
Minimize turkey day stress with this checklist. How to pace out your food chores.



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