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My father remains my hero. A combat soldier in World War II who still hates war. A decent guy who did his best to give his family a wonderful life and never thought of expecting anything in return. But, my dad also enjoys good food, particularly things that are farm fresh, often advising me during my adolescent “know-it-all” days that home grown tomatoes would extend my life. Now, I pray he’s right.

A Toast To Mothers – French Chocolate Silk Pie Recipe
亲爱的离去的母亲留下了一个无价的回忆。她仍然是我所知道的最好的自学厨师 - 一个厨房魔术师,可以将普通的东西转变为天使的盛宴。所有妈妈都是特殊的,一切可能的一切都可以与他们开始。阿拉巴马州的艰难和柴力的教练传说,熊科比,始终用一个命令结束了他的每周电视节目:“叫你的妈妈!”他的意思是每一天。性格。她最喜欢的爱好是家人和朋友。她喜欢鲜花和巧克力。

4月意味着温暖的天气葡萄酒 - Hushpuppy Recipe
趋势显然影响了美国口味。一部电影宣称所有国内的顶峰中的高级红酒,并在Golly上,几乎on this on this在餐厅海岸订购。几年前,很少有爱好者似乎表达了对任何红酒,黑粉黑色或其他方面的偏好,通常是免费陈述那种白葡萄酒避免头痛,过敏等。包括南方的嘘小狗配方。

庆祝红色,白色和蓝色 - 黑莓酱食谱
葡萄酒,农场新鲜食品和友谊 - 七月四日庆祝活动的强大强大的组合。食谱黑莓烤肉酱已经包括了。

Chef John Folse – Louisiana Cuisine With Wine – Trout En Papillote Recipe
厨师约翰福克斯被尊敬的路易斯安那州的伟大美国厨师之一。他的八家烹饪书,特别是纪念碑Encyclopedia of Cajun & Creole Cuisine,展开了烹饪的土着路易斯安那州的福音。PBS主干“Louisiana的味道”是愚蠢的熟练制作的国际电视系列。

Recipe by Chef Brandon Frohne, an award winning 4th generation Chef and Winery Chef at the acclaimed Chateau Élan Winery and Resort in Braselton, Ga.

朱莉娅伟大 - 电影和记忆
Her one-liners could be as hilarious as Rodney Dangerfield’s. She was quotable like Mae West and as beloved as Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Julia Child is forever in the American fabric, a California girl who took French cooking into the American kitchen and literally started television cooking.

Light Wines For Gentle Autumn Food – Roasted Pumpkin Bisque with Lavender Marshmallows Recipe
Inspired by the delightful autumn wines of New Zealand and because autumn is here, I asked Chef Derek Barnes who owns the award-winning Derek’s Culinary Casual restaurant in Sarasota, Florida to provide an October recipe that pairs with the white wines of New Zealand.

For this special time of year, let’s take a stroll down the wine path less traveled, sampling some classic wines that have a prominent place during the holidays.

尾随 - 全美传统 - 迷你Muffaletta食谱
Tailgating is part of our cultural landscape, an open-air culinary ritual inexorably bound to sports and anchored to stadium parking lots and racetrack infields coast to coast. Where beer once dominated, wine is making inroads, not so surprising when the best known tailgaters include celebrity chefs and wine enthusiasts are joined by some NASCAR legends.

尾随 - 足球盛宴回归 - 虾和灰色食谱

Thanksgiving Wines – Cornbread Stuffing with Fresh Figs, Morels, and Foie Gras Recipe
Enjoying life, friendship, and love is very American. Thanksgiving is the All-American homecoming, centered on food, wines, family, and friends. And, there’s always room at the dinner table for those who are alone. We open doors and welcome others on Thanksgiving.

The year is winding down and we’ll help it go in high style. Soon, gatherings will become homecomings highlighted by feasts. Laughter permeates and for a little more than a month we celebrate who we are and find that we are pretty special. Joy is the prevailing emotion, mercifully shoving problems and disappointments into the background.

葡萄酒,烧烤和自由 - 全美伙伴关系 - 乔治亚伦布伦瑞克炖蔬菜配方
Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and one of the most complex and fascinating men this nation has produced, introduced the great wines of Europe to this part of the New World. It is hard to imagine a celebration at Monticello where the gifted host Mr. Jefferson would be serving barbeque with anything but fine wines from his acclaimed Monticello cellar.

Wine For My Valentine – Chocolate Caramel Amaretto Budino Recipe

半壳的葡萄酒 - 牡蛎和葡萄酒的魔力 - 牡蛎fonseca食谱
Oysters are for the chosen few. Not exactly in the mainstream, they do provoke passion. About as many love them as flee from their sight. Traveling early on to New Orleans where oysters ruled-raw, baked, in stews or soups- was a great leap forward to wines as part of the oyster ritual.

The wine cellar at Monticello provides a glimpse into the daily living and dining customs of one of the Founding Fathers. Thomas Jefferson’s cellar and the bottles shelved there make the statement for the ages that this remarkable man was a champion of style and grace who placed entertaining right alongside farming, governing, architecture, and law. Dining with fine wine was de rigueur wherever he lived.

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